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How the Batch Processing Works


Search your database for register sex offenders and other types of offenders. This is helpful when you have hundreds or thousands of names that cannot manually be checked. The searches are run via nameand/or date of birth.

Our batch processing is simple:
1.  Login to your account or register for a new account.

2.  Upload your name/date of birth Comma Delimited File(CSV) file

3.  Our server will start batch processing your file and return the results once complete. An email will be sent once the process is complete and your results are ready.

4.  Our searches will attempt to match names and date of births(if possible) to known sex offenders. Results will be in a CSV file containing all matches.

500 Calls
Only $75.00 per package ($0.15 per call)

1,000 Calls
Only $140.00 per package ($0.14 per call)

5,000 Calls
Only $600.00 per package ($0.12 per call)

10,000 Calls
Only $1,000.00 per package ($0.10 per call)

10,001+ Records
Contact us for special pricing