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Camping - the ultimate social distancing

Posted on Thursday, May 28, 2020
Many states are still under lock down and shut down, but they are starting to lift their bans. It wasn't too bad being stuck at home with just your family and away from people, was it? How about slowly re-entering civilization but keeping some of that social distancing permanently? Yes! We are talking CAMPING! Whether you like to camp primitively in the woods with just a tent and fire, or you rather "glamp" at a five star campground with WIFI and golf carts, why not make the social distancing part of your ongoing summer routine? We can promise you the kids will not complain and there will be PLENTY of memories to be made?

Not sure what kind of camping fits your lifestyle and your families wants and needs? Check out a few different styles:
Tent camping - the most basic and popular type of camping. Head on out to the park or woods, pitch a tent, build a fire and relax. It's also the cheapest form to start with if you're not sure if you will like camping or not.
RV/Van/Camper camping - Ah, home away from home. The excitement of camping, with the accommodations of a hotel. All you need to bring to your stocked camper is food and clothing!
Backpacking - travel through nature while carrying all your gear on your back. These trips can last from one day to months.
Car camping - pack up your hatchback or van with a sleeping bag, some food and fire starters. Pop that back seat down for a make-shift camper!

These are just some of the basics of camping. According to Survival Tech Shop, there are 19 different types of camping. Personally, I like to mix and match Glamping and using a camper. Our camper is set up on a seasonal spot at a local campground, it's only 30 minutes from home. I am sure you are wondering "Why so close"? Well, with kids, work and a houseful of pets, it's easy to escape the city life and be close enough I can check on my home through the week. We have the luxury in our fifth wheel of a full sized bed, heated shower, full kitchen and bathroom. We also have a site to ourselves to decorate and do what we want with. It wouldn't be a campground without the beach, woods, activities for the kids and fishing for the husband. We also pumped up our life of luxury and bought a few golf carts to tote the kids back and forth everywhere. Plus, the youngest really loves her rides!

However you choose to camp, I highly suggest taking bug spray, clean water, and a form of communication. Coffee always helps when camping, it allows you to slow down, sip a warm cup of joe and take in the outdoors. REI Co-op has an excellent list of items needed when camping. I can tell you from experience, we keep most of these things in our camper at all times. But if you are packing light, scan through the list and take note of the things you will need vs. want.

Taking your family camping can be stressful the first few times you go, but don't give up! Once your kiddos get into the groove of things, they will love it! Try different types of camping to see what works for you and your family as well as your budget. Before you go forking out money to buy an RV, find somewhere to rent one or ask some friends to tag along for a weekend. There are also cabins all over the US that you can rent, as well as lodges, so keep that in mind too! Always be safe and research what is around you! But most importantly, kick back, relax, and forget about the stress of day to day life!