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Keeping Things Organized

Posted on Monday, January 4, 2021
Has the new year inspired you to keep things organized?

If you are anything like me, organization means the world when trying to find a healthy balance between work, home, hobbies and appointments, you know how hard it can be! I myself have OCD to the point that I have to write notes down, all over, all the time. (Thanks Dad!) And having a daily planner was just not cutting it for me.

So let me tell you about this little journey I am starting that I hope can start calm my nerves and keep me a little more organized.

Prior to Christmas I took the dive and ordered myself a customizable 2021 planner. Never did I realize that you can have a planner personalized and tailored to your wants and needs! I opted in to make a planner for what I need - It has three spaces for each day, Monday through Sunday. In each space YOU choose the subject. I opted in for Priority for appointments and birthdays, Work for work of course, and Kids - to help me keep track of their homeschooling, appointments and chores. At the bottom of those columns, I chose to add "dinner" so I can plan out my meals weekly. I also added on the business blog planning and social media tabs. This is what I thought would help me personally.

They company I ordered from also has household tabs you can add on, for organized cleaning. As well as budgeting, health and weight loss goals, photography, wedding plans and direct sales tabs you can add. There are so many options, it can become such a hefty book! You really can find a planner that has what you would like to help you organize the year!

So how do I intend to organize my life with a planner? Well, it's going to take a lot of work (haha) and some time set aside each week. I plan on sitting down every Sunday and writing my goals, dinner plans, and work ideas for the following week. And once a month I will dig a little deeper and brainstorm on ideas for work and better budgeting. And when I travel, the book goes with me. It has room for me to keep track of phone calls I need to return and personal goals I need to do! I even went as far as making some stickers on my cutting machine and putting them in there so it is cute and fun! I now have it set to weigh myself the first of every month to see the weight loss that I may have achieved. This book seriously helps me condense what I was using 3-4 notebooks/planners into one (again, thanks OCD). So hopefully I can inspire you to take a jump and figure out a better organizational method that works for you!

Previously, I have used a spiral notebook, where I would write out all the bills due according to date and (who and) what paycheck would pay what. Once I paid, I would highlight that bill and check it off when it was deducted from my account. Doing this, I have not had funds bounce in years. So I thought, I mastered this, why not try a little more organizing!

For my husband - who is the most unorganized person I have EVER met, I bought him a Rocketbook for Christmas. It seems pretty neat - it's more of a digital organizer than a physical one. It's a notebook that he uses a special pen that erases to keep notes. Basically, he writes his note, snaps a photo of it, and the photo goes to whatever folder in his phone he has set up. I still haven't figured this out completely, as I am horrible with technology! But the company offers so many variations and often has specials on them!

All in all, getting organized the BEST WAY THAT WORKS FOR YOU can be a challenge. But once you master it, it should (hopefully) make things so much easier! Whether you are using a $5 planner or a $50 dollar planner, spiral notebook or phone - figure out a method and make it a habit! We all have different ways that help bring us zen - maybe your a physical writer, or maybe your a digital tracker. There are apps and programs that can help you achieve your 2021 goals! Go for it!

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