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Human Trafficking and Service Workers / Providers

Posted on Tuesday, January 23, 2018
January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. Family Watchdog feels that Human Trafficking should be talked about year long. We are kicking off this year's blog entry with more information on Human Trafficking.

We recently posted a video to our Facebook page, which almost seems like an ad that might play before a video - but we promise you, you are going to want to watch the whole thing closely. Did you miss anything?

It's true, our service workers in our neighborhoods often see the inside of people's homes, businesses and yards. Which gives them the opportunity to keep their eyes open for anything they see that is a little off.

Recently in California there was a home owned by an older couple who had 12 children shackled inside their home - all ages between 2 years old and 29 years old. Follow News story here This opens the door to service workers not only reporting Human Trafficking, but any form of domestic to child abuse.

THEORETICALLY speaking, James and Betty Turpin have had to have SOME kind of run in with a service worker in the past 10 years. Maybe someone to fix appliances, install internet, fix a leak or someone even checking why there was no power on in the home. If they did, maybe a service worker walked right past some locked rooms and didn't think anything of it? What if they would have reported it years ago? Would there still have been 12 kids chained inside their home?

The same goes to Human Trafficking. Service workers in ALL industries are possibly presented with situations that they are not even aware are of.
Common Service Working Positions and what they could be looking out for that could relate to Human Trafficking:
Gas Station Attendant - If a trafficker is traveling, you may see the signs more often than you even know. Learn the signs and report!
Restaurant Server - Does something seem off about a table you are serving? Trust your gut - report!
Electrical Worker - You may see the inside of people's homes. Are there bars on outside of windows? Are there locks on doors? Report!
Hair Stylist - Does a customer come in to get a haircut and have NO say over what is done to their hair, but instead someone else telling you how to do it against your customer's wishes?
Retail Sales Clerk - Do you have a customer buying clothing for another customer that seems like it could be clothing for escort services or prostitution? Report it! Especially if the customer looks underage!
Plumber - More than likely you are inside of people's homes / bathrooms. Again, look for locked doors, scratches on inside of doors and bars on windows.
Service Installer - Lots of service installers work outside/on top/ under homes. Do you see something out of place that shouldn't be there?
Hotel Clerk - Look for revolving customers coming to the same room and teenagers that travel with adults that are not family.
Doctor/Nurse - When someone who should speak for themselves and doesn't, it's a sign. You know what to do, report it!

More signs to look for here.
How to report Human Trafficking online by clicking here.

Now we are not saying that everything you see that is a little off is Human Trafficking, but you have to go with your gut. Reporting an incident will not hurt anybody if nothing is found in the report. But together, we can work together to end HUMAN TRAFFICKING.