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Is Facebook using your data without you knowing?

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2018
Is Facebook using your data without you knowing?

Many of us have Facebook on our desktops and computers. I'm sure you have seen friends playing games, often inviting you to play against these little addictive free games.

Recently a data firm Cambridge Analytica misused information from 50 million Facebook users. How does this effect you and how can you stop it?

How can you find the data that is being used?
It is hard to find at first! You need to log onto Facebook and go to the "Settings" page. On desktop, click on the down arrow on the top corner of the screen. On the "General" section, select the option to "download a copy of your Facebook data." I didn't see the option on mobile; only on desktop. Facebook will then email the data to you. It took about 10 minutes to download the folder, but it can take longer depending on the size of the file. Inside, the data is segmented. The easiest way to view it is via the "html" folder.

You will see that they have saved photos, phone contacts and call/text history (It does not save the content of those calls or texts, phew!)

We found a website (https://www.simplilearn.com/how-facebook-is-using-big-data-article) that goes into a little more detail about what they may be using your data for.

There are ways to turn off your Facebook data sharing. The easiest we found was this:
Go to your Facebook Settings > Apps > Logged in with Facebook
I had over 200 apps using my data and I did not even know!
You can select one or many and click remove. We suggest checking every few months to see what may have snuck into your sharing.
This is much easier to do than deactivate or suspend your Facebook!

Google is one that shares more of your information and data than any other company. Many times, it tracks your physical location and cookies.


Do you have anything to say about this recent breech in security or about Facebook in general? Tell us below!