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Jared Fogle's Wife Sues Subway

Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2016
INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Jared Fogle's ex-wife will speak to the media today about a lawsuit filed on her behalf.

Katie McLaughlin will discuss the litigation filed against Subway.

According to court documents, the lawsuit alleges that Subway knew of Jared Fogle's "depravities" and "failed to act as a corporation should."

The legal complaint alleges that Subway received reports on at least three occasions regarding "Jared's sexual interest in and activity with children." Following two of those reports, the lawsuit alleges that Subway responded "by sending a public relations employee to ask Jared about the allegations." The lawsuit says Subway admitted that the third complaint was "not properly escalated or acted upon."

Read the full news story here: http://www.wthr.com/article/jared-fogles-ex-wife-to-sue-subway

(The following is taken from the Complaint and Demand for Jury Trial)
130. Subway was notified on multiples occasions of Jaredís sexual interest in children and alleged criminal activity.
131. Subway significantly relied on Jared for the company's financial success.
132. Subway was notified of Jared's multiple depravities prior to Katie marrying Jared.
133. One Subway executive even responded to one of these complaints that Jared's relationship with Katie would lessen the likelihood that he continued this conduct.
134. Subway had a duty to exercise reasonable care upon receipt of complaints of Jared's sexual interest in children.
135. Subways relationship with Jared and use of Katies, B.F.s and Q.F.s likenesses created a duty Subway owed to Katie, B.F. and Q.F.
136. By ignoring and failing to report the allegations about Jared's sexual interest in children and alleged criminal activity, Subway breached that duty.
137. By utilizing the likenesses of Katie, B.F. and Q.F. despite its knowledge, Subway breached that duty.
138. But for Subways failure to warn Katie or failure to report Jared to law enforcement, Katie would have never married Jared.

Basically, what it boils down to, is Jared Fogle's (now) ex-wife, Kathleen McLughlin is suing Subway because Subway knew that he had some issues with him liking children due to some comments Mr. Fogle mentioned to Franchisees and other board members. His ex-wife is stating that if she would have known about these remarks, she would have never married him. (Brings back some Duggar family drama doesn't it?)
Did you know that if you suspect child abuse, it is MANDATORY to report it? Apparently some others didn't know this. Jared said some pretty sick things multiple times that went over-looked and not reported. Nobody even told his wife! Can you imagine how one would feel finding something out like the "Jared Fogle Scandal" thru the media, and not even from your own husband? In a world as there is today, it is difficult to think of someone you love as a monster - and act upon that as so by reporting them or trying to get them help before it's too late. Always go with your gut feeling and instincts as a parent.
As for the McLaughlin vs. Subway trial, what do you think of Katie's position with her husband? Will anything come out of the lawsuit? Let us know!