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Check in with Elderly Neighbors

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2018
With winter weather approaching fast, don't forget to check in on your elderly neighbors - especially if they do not have family that can do so on a regular basis.

What can you do to help?
- Have one of your children or a child from the neighborhood shovel sidewalks and stairs so they can get their mail safetly.
- Suggest a tune-up and winter readiness kit for their car.
- Help strand up Christmas lights and decor. This can help boost spirits.
- Sit down and fill out an emergency contact sheet together. This way if anything happens, you know who to contact. Emergency Sheet
- Have them include you on their prescription pick up authorization checklist. If your out picking up your prescription, why not grab theirs?
- Do light grocery shopping once a week or send homemade meals nextdoor. Who knows, you may get some cookies in exchange!
- Explain the importance of doing a home winterization on their home and help find contractors or companies to come out and provide this service. Winter Home Checklist
- If your neighbor uses a wheelchair, make sure it's ready for winter and all screws/bolts are tight!

It's the small things like caring for elderly or disabled neighbors that makes this upcoming holiday season a great one. It also introduces younger family members to something they probably would have never done on their own without being pushed.

"Growing up, I had these two neighbors, Bill and Nancy, who would always sit down and talk to my little brother and I. Sometimes it was just to ask about our day, other times they would ask us to help out with a small chore at their house or around their yard. Looking back, the chore was something they probably could have done themselves, but I think they just liked to reward us with homemade chocolate chip cookies! I will always remember the countless hours we would sit in their kitchen rockers and talk about things. I really wish them the best in Flordia as I have heard they finally moved south!"

Get out there and be the small change!